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Playing time is always a big concern for parents. The game of lacrosse does not naturally tend to produce “equal” playing time situations.  Certain positions can stay on the field longer than others. For instance, middies need to shift roughly 2 or 3 times the frequency of other players because they cover the full field. Attack and defensive players typically cover half the field and can stay on the field longer.  The 2023/24/25/26 teams play with penalties and “man- up” or “man-down” situations. There are times when a player who just got on the field will need to shift off to get the right player in for one of these situations.

We try to keep track of these situations so no one gets shorted, but if you’ve ever seen a lacrosse game, it is managed chaos at times and the best of coaches will short a player.


Conference Teams:  These teams are instructional. Conference teams will be matched-up with local teams and there may be some local tournament games as well.  Playing time will be equalized as much as possible.


Tournament Teams:  Tournament teams are a high-level travel lacrosse team.  There are several players on this team that have been playing the sport for a long time.  Each of the games will be very competitive and playing time is not equal or guaranteed.  It should be expected in close games, not all players will be given playing time.  For other games, that are not close, every attempt will be made to allow playing time for the more novice players.  These teams have an additional fee of $125 and does require travel and play on weekends.  These teams will hold tryouts during the spring practices before the season opens.